Woman As

“Penelope Caldwell knows the feminine. Her decades of midwifery experience and working with women endow her with unique perspective as she blends social commentary with visceral art. A popular piece of hers, “Mail Order Bride Comes With Baggage”, depicts a young woman, naked–prepubescent almost–simultaneously controlling and seeking refuge behind the beasts that accompany her. Most of her other work, however, irreverently focuses on the raw aspects of the human body in solitude: aging faces, tanlines, breasts dripping. The artist does not shy away from oppressed subjects and she does not ask for your approval. She does, however, ask for your thought, for your skepticism. Caldwell’s woman is neither concealed, nor is it liberated; the feminine is represented by the medium itself–often obscured, sometimes messy, and never fully understood.”
Nightingale Foundation Director, Mamie Stevenson




Mail Order Bride Comes with Baggage









Woman as Landscape























Women Who Bleed



Penelope Caldwell RN NP is a midwife and artist. She received her MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. She has practiced in Oregon, Wyoming, and Nicaragua among other places.

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