Maya Fielder: Artist’s Statement


Long after the crab, the city, and the cell, life will keep on living


The art, like the artist, is oracular. You don’t know if you are witnessing the beginning of the world or the end of it. An image of a dead crab looks like a bird that is alive and flying; a gilded city might be warmed by the sun or engulfed by a fire–Fielder’s microbial amoebic shapes remind us how much of the world we simply cannot see. But there is a pleasure in viewing art that makes us humans feel small. We are reminded of history in Fielder’s work, and there is a strong sense that even long after the crab, the city, and the cell, life will keep on living. –Mamie Stevenson, Editor-in-chief     
“My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when I was two months old. Health and illness have always hung in the balance in front of me, and from a young age I was forced to recognize with the limitations of the human body. I questioned what the body is, what health is, and the ways in which we are able to (or to not) affect our relationship to our bodies. As I grew into adulthood, my passion for alternative medicine and working with the body flourished. I am fascinated by the human body and the body of our planet, and following that passion has led me to my current career as a hairdresser, as well as being an astrologer, artist, poet, and budding herbalist. My love for helping people, healing, and expressing the song of the body is reflected in all the mediums I use.
In my view, Health is a relationship; with oneself, one’s community, and the planet. It is a mindset focused on maintaining harmony and equilibrium; taking actions that support balance and sustainability. Our bodies are healthy when we are listening to them, caring for them, loving them by making life-supporting choices and giving thanks for all that they allow us to do. This mindset extends to all aspects of our lives; health for the planet is taking actions to support the earth, whether it’s planting a garden, giving thanks for the food before a meal, or reducing one’s carbon footprint. Health is an all-encompassing way of being in which we are attuned to ourselves and the world around us, where our actions reflect our values and our desire for happiness and love to flourish.”
-Maya Fielder

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