After the first death, there is no other





April Kae is an activist and musician, and the creator of Imanigold. Her work centers on empowering the community around her, with a particular focus on young people of color and queer black femme identity. She uses social media to build spaces for frank discussions about civil rights and to tell stories of solidarity and strength, as April believes such spaces are essential to bringing about the non-violent change she works to create. She also partners with community stakeholders to bring these digital spaces to life. We caught up with her a few weeks back to chat about self-care, and discuss how she balances protest and personal growth.


What do you remember from life at age eleven? Do you remember your sixth grade teacher? Do you remember your crush? This is typically a time in which we start to notice our bodies changing at rapid degrees. Our sense of self-consciousness grows with new acne and hair and hips and breasts. Our friends and school are our world. We want to experience more than what is in our homes, we yearn to become teenagers like the ones in the movies.