Female Adolescence Becomes the stuff of Nightmares in Surreal film “The Fits”

There has never been a greater schism between what we watch on large screens in crowded multiplexes and what we watch in the privacy and comfort of our own homes than there is today. The highest grossing films of 2016, as they have been for the last decade, were sequels, big budget superhero tentpoles and animated family films. However, box office reports don’t show the full picture of what American film audiences are consuming today.




Hazel Ra’s “The Garden”



Hazel Rickard explores the storms within and the wildness around in her new album The Garden. Her work reminds each of me that to survive in this world is to embrace your shadows and dance with them. Listen to Nightingale’s favorite song “The Wild”here.
-Director of Photography Anna Finocchiaro